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Trained as a photojournalist by nationally-renowned news photographer Michael Creagen, Will Beckett's approach to photography is a bit more down-and-dirty than that of specialist portrait, art and scenic photographers. What this means for you is a quick turnaround time with minimal post-processing, and superior results using available light sources. Photo specialities include:

VR Panoramas

Explore the century-old George N. Orr shipwreck off Savage Harbour, PEI.

George N. Orr shipwreck

Visit some 300-million-year-old fossil trees on the beach at Earnscliffe, PEI.

Earnscliffe, PEI

Dive beneath the cool, murky waters of a natural groundwater spring near Brackley, PEI.

Bubbling Springs, PEI

Try out our hand-stitched, cylindrical panorama of Teacup Rock in Darnley, PEI.

Teacup Rock, PEI