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Storyboards and Scripts

Prehistoric PEI animation storyboard

You can't build a house without a plan. Likewise, scripts form the bedrock for effective radio, TV, and online campaigns. Even without narration or actors, they perform a vital function by letting your team know what goes where (and who does what) at any given moment. Storyboards add flesh to concepts that are best conveyed in a visual manner, providing teams with the necessary direction when, and where, it matters most.

Business and Advertising

Cruise Holidays poster

A pretty image can't always stand alone. Sometimes you need to buttress your visual presentation with (shudder) TEXT! In such cases copywriting kicks in, demanding the same precision and (occasionally) brevity that propels the best journalistic writing. After all, you need to grab your readers by their lapels and hook them with text that captivates, compels, and instructs.

Blog and Magazine Articles

Shunpiking Magazine article - 1996

Long-form journalistic writing allows for more in-depth coverage and greater detail than ordinary news articles. It also provides an opportunity for writers to show off their research and descriptive skills in a more literary format. At their best, well-written pieces can endure as valuable resources for both entertainment and education for many years — even decades — beyond their publication dates.